the company

In a paradise corner of the Earth, in Southeast Asia, with its crystal clear air, an immense wealth of natural resources, ripe and juicy fruit and vegetables, where traditions and secrets of eternal youth, health and beauty have been kept for ages, natural cosmetics, perfumes and organic drugs are created by Wattana Herb Company.

It's not a secret anymore that Southeast Asia is a real treasury of knowledge and traditions to maintain yourself always young, healthy and beautiful.

Those who happened to find themselves in Southeast Asia could see with their own eyes that it's difficult and hardly even possible to determine the age of the locals. So, 20-year-olds look like 14-year-olds, 30-year-olds seem to be 18 and those who are 40 look half their age…

What lets them remain beautiful, healthy and young? The answer is simple. Asians have known since ancient times that nature is a never-fading source of beauty, health, youth and long life, and our body is the best clothes ever given to us once and for all. Modern life rhythm, bad ecology and other factors affect our body, health, beauty and longevity. Our body lives for today, that's why it needs products contributing to its health, beauty, harmony right now. In this regard, body care should be appropriate: soft, harmonious, balanced and involving natural wealth and resources.
Our company, Wattana Herb, a producer of natural cosmetics, perfumes and organic drugs, sticks to this very philosophy.

Creating its products, Wattana Herb uses only natural ingredients and manufacturing technologies which have the properties of waking up, activizing and charging natural forces of our organism. It deals with organic oils, extracts, auxiliary substances of natural origin and synthesized analogues of substances produced by a human body.
It's this very composition related to our organism that makes Wattana Herb products safe, beneficial, of high quality and allows the company to steadily occupy its niche among premium class products.

Wattana Herb products are targeted at those who:
- want to look well;
- like natural cosmetics and organic products;
- care about their own health, beauty and lonagevity;
- dream of rejuvenating their body and restoring its initial beauty;
- want to fill their life with bright scents of Asian nature.

Creation of
the Brand

The name of Wattana Herb brand derives from its founder's name, doctor Souphanouvong Wattana (Vatthana). He was a direct and the last descendant of the king of Laos Savang Wattana (Vatthana) who had been deposed and sent for «re-education» to the particularly severe encampment Samana (from the English «seminar») in Houaphanh Province near the Vietnamese border along with other members of the royal dynasty. The king and his family's re-education lasted for 22 years and consisted in correctional labour combined with everyday studies of the principles of communism. After 1989, when the system of the Samana encampments had been abolished, the members of the royal dynasty were set free and the king's descendants went to different parts of the world. When being in the Samana encampment, Souphanouvong Wattana took an interest in studying Thai and Lao traditional medicine, got a medical degree allowing him to be a doctor and started collecting ancient recipes carefully kept and transmitted across generations. At that time most of those recipes were only available to members of the royal dynasty or people close to them. After being released, doctor Wattana moved to Thailand where Wattana Herb brand was born. Doctor Souphanouvong set up manufacture of organic drugs completely based on natural ingredients and produced according to traditional recipes of Lao, Vietnamese and Thai healers and herbalists. Till recently Wattana Herb products could have been seen only in residences belonging to royal families, presidents and members of the government of the Asian region countries. Likewise, balms, ointments and supplements could only be found in specialized drugstores related to clinics and several medical centres. In 2018 Wattana Herb products attracted Americans who helped the owners of the company to expand the plant. Since then Wattana Herb has become a large-scale manufacturer not only of supplements and ointments, but also of cosmetic and care products. Despite having passed from manual to mass production, Wattana Herb still keeps producing natural items of the highest quality, using premium class natural raw materials. Currently Wattana Herb Company stands out at the global market of cosmetics, perfumes and organic drugs.
The aim of the company, founded by doctor Wattana, is to give an opportunity to customers from all over the world to feel the unbelievable power of Thai, Vietnamese and Lao traditional medicine and cosmetics, improving their life, health and care quality.

Allow yourself to enjoy natural and high-quality Wattana Herb products and to be seduced by their unique blend of composition, textures, scents and long-lasting beauty, healthy and rejuvenating effects. You deserve it after all, don't you?